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Always persevering. Real estate is a story that began in my life at a very young age. Born in New London, Connecticut, transitioning to the beautiful Pacific Northwest at the age of 4. Transition is my repertoire. I’ve daydreamed about the many facets of real estate for decades. The architecture, sense of community, demographics, and neighborhoods, all carry such priceless value. My ability to embrace empathy, understand lifestyle nuances, as well as encourage and fiercely advocate for dreams and personal goals, has evolved from my lifetime of experience. Real estate creates so many levels of growth and opportunity.

Relentless passion for the client is what sets me apart; as is my fearless mindset, honesty, helpful nature, and above all, my integrity. If you are at a crossroads and seeking real estate inspiration or representation, I would be delighted to offer you peace of mind and join you on your next real estate journey.

Unlocking real estate dreams with heart.

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Patti Spreen

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Unlocking Real Estate Dreams with Heart

Real Estate transactions are multifaceted processes with many moving parts. Whatever your realty goals are, I’m here to help — providing the highest level of personalized services to create a unique and outstanding experience for all my clients. Check out my service offerings below.


Delivering Authenticity

Exceeding Expectations

Strong Heart Clear Mind

Insight, a hands-on work ethic, and a positive mindset are necessary to make real estate transitions as seamless as possible. My ability to procure optimism always is my 100% differentiation.

If you have any questions, simply reach out. I'd love to help.

Home Insight and Inspiration

Committed to You

One of my most beloved aspects of this profession, the initial consultation. With a predominantly referral-based clientele, I carry the utmost respect for your time; so please be sure to reach out today. No matter what real estate need you have, rest assured that I will provide all the guidance and support you'll need to succeed through the entire process. My goal is to create a warmth and welcome that sets your real estate dream apart. 

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Let's Talk Dreams

Personalized Approach

Real estate decisions can be difficult and complicated, which is why it’s crucial to take an informed, patient approach. You can count on me to guide you in every step of the home buying and selling process. Your vision is my vision. Always striving for excellence.

For the LOVE of Animals

Making a Difference in the Local Community

With each closed transaction, I’ll make a monetary donation to the animal rescue of your choice. I adamantly believe in supporting the greater good of our animal community, as pets are truly our best friends.

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Buying, Selling, or Daydreaming - Let's Connect!

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As a Realtor, I’m involved with some of the biggest decisions in the lives of my clients. I work hard for each and every one of them, making sure they get the best real estate services and advice possible and doing so with honesty, integrity, and respect. Read below to find out what some of my satisfied clients have to say about working with me.

When you came up and greeted us at the door, you put Mike and I immediately at ease.

I just wanted to reach out and say thank you for your bright and warm welcome to us today.

Marianne R.

You have a wonderful presence and energy about you and I am sure that everyone you come into contact with will feel the same way.

Sue S.

Our time spent today was invaluable. Thank you! Primarily because you spoke so honestly, and I tend to do the same thing. Looking forward to what the future holds.

Gabby J.